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ZKLT, adhering to “Three-Heart” Service, will devote to you whole life long!

Social Responsibility

Sense of social responsibility

ZKLT has led the development of domestic adhesive industry, advocate the concept of environmental protection, promote high performance products with high quality and low VOC application development, make life more healthy and harmonious.

ZKLT always adhere to sustainable development and sustainable development, care of customers and employees, return to society. Corporate profits, in addition to ensuring the necessary funds for future development of the enterprise, the rest are invested in education and training, employee welfare, as well as various social public welfare activities. The company's employee benefits have been covered by its parents, spouses and children (Education Fund) for three generations. We firmly believe that it is the responsibility of the enterprise to solve the problem of employees' worries.

“ It takes ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to rear people ”. We are constantly at the Sichuan University, Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing and other domestic universities set up scholarship and named by outstanding staff of ZKLT, develop and motivate the students feedback hard-working gardener. We actively participate in social welfare activities, together with all the natural disasters, regularly targeted aid to Chongqing Qingyuan village school education and social welfare institutions.

We Thanksgiving staff, opponents, partners and everything in the world, feedback is the best way of Thanksgiving in ZKLT